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Poster: light into ashes Date: Aug 19, 2009 12:46am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Missing 1970 Shows

OK....I had to keep going...
I know I've talked about lost 1970 shows often before, but this time I wanted to make as complete a list as possible - exactly HOW MUCH are we missing?

This follows the same format as my 1969 list, but I admit I had more difficulty with this list. 1970 has a greater variety of recordings & problems than 1969 did. Lumping together incomplete SBDs, great AUDs, lousy AUDs, fragments, and missing shows all in one list looks a bit confusing, and is conceptually muddled.
The best solution would be to simply list every show, with a note - "incomplete", "AUD", "no recording", etc. But, frankly, deadlists already does that, and it would just be a lot of extra typing. This list simply singles out what we DON'T have in SBD, all in one convenient summary. AUD lovers like myself can silently overlook all the great recordings on this list; and SBD lovers can keep in mind the dozens of great SBDs we do have from 1970, though they're mainly invisible on this list.

Deadlists was, of course, invaluable. is best avoided.
Once again, songs remembered from missing shows are [ in brackets ], but these are often incomplete or mistaken. Deadheads in 1970 definitely were not taking notes; nor were many of them lugging tapedecks to shows. Enough of them WERE taping, though, that 1970 actually doesn't have many more completely lost shows than 1969 did. But some of the ones that were lost look like real nail-biters.

I've probably missed a few things here & there, so additions & corrections are welcome.


1/24/70 Honolulu - (SBD) This is a short show, and probably missing some songs.

1/30/70 New Orleans - (SBD) This is short for a complete show & Eaton lists another 35 minutes. If Eaton's timing is correct there is still a half hour of this show not circulating.

2/2/70 St Louis - Partial half-hour SBD; the rest of the show is unknown.

2/5/70 Fillmore West - The first five songs are on a half-hour AUD tape; the SBD is only 45 minutes; so a big piece of the show is missing. [ China Cat > Rider ; Cryptical > The Other One ]

2/7/70 Fillmore West - Incomplete AUD & chopped-up SBD. Compared with Friday's total of 115 minutes and Sunday's of 138, the 85 minutes of Saturday 2/7/70 preserved on tape seems obviously to fall short by at least a half hour. Obviously we are missing several tunes from the end of this set.

2/8/70 Fillmore West - The AUD has the complete show. The SBD tape in circulation begins 3:42 before the end of Dark Star and runs for 33:04, cutting off 15:12 into Lovelight. (Smokestack Lightning was released on the Bear's Choice reissue CD, so the entire SBD is likely in the Vault.)

2/11/70 Fillmore East, early show - (SBD) Only the last 20 minutes of this show are in circulation on tape; presumably more songs preceded The Other One.

2/12/70 Ungano's, NYC - A notorious fake, as the 2/13/70 early set surfaced with this date; they did play here though, and no recording is known.

2/20/70 Fort Worth - No recording.

2/21/70 San Antonio - No recording.

2/22/70 Houston - No recording. [ Lovelight ]

3/7/70 Santa Monica - Incomplete AUD only.

3/8/70 Phoenix - (SBD) Deadlists: "Latvala reports that there are two reels in the vault labeled with this date; the second is blank; the contents of the first are listed here. Perhaps we are missing the rest of the concluding electric set, although this seems complete as listed."

3/17/70 Buffalo - The infamous lost show with the Buffalo Philharmonic; no recording. [ Saint Stephen ; Dark Star > Drums ; Turn On Your Lovelight ]

3/20/70 Port Chester, early show - No recording.

3/21/70 Port Chester, early & late shows - AUD only.

4/9/70 Fillmore West - The AUD has most of the show. The 45-minute SBD contains Me & My Uncle through Uncle John.

4/10/70 Fillmore West - No recording. I believe complete SBDs were made of this whole Fillmore West run, but many reels have been lost.
[electric] Cold Rain And Snow; New Speedway Boogie; Mama Tried; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider; Hard To Handle; Casey Jones; [acoustic] Friend Of The Devil; Deep Elem Blues; Candyman; Wake Up Little Susie > Black Peter; Uncle John's Band; [electric] It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World; Dancin In The Street; High Time; Alligator > Caution > And We Bid You Good Night.

4/11/70 Fillmore West - Only the last half-hour of the SBD survives, picking up at the end of Not Fade Away. The rest is lost.
[electric] Cold Rain And Snow; I'm A King Bee; Beat It On Down The Line; Dire Wolf; It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World; [acoustic] Don't Ease Me In; New Speedway Boogie; Friend Of The Devil; Me And My Uncle; Deep Elem Blues; Candyman; Black Peter; Uncle John's Band; [electric] Dark Star > Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away > Lovelight.

4/12/70 Fillmore West - The AUD has most of the show. The SBD contains Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and Cumberland through Feedback.

4/17-19/70 Family Dog shows - No recordings.

4/24/70 Denver - AUD only. The first electric set is missing.

4/25/70 Denver - No recording.

4/26/70 Poynette - No recording. [Lovelight ; Dark Star ; The Other One ; Black Peter ]

5/3/70 Middletown - AUD only. One of the worst AUDs ever.

5/7/70 Cambridge - AUD only.

5/8/70 Delhi - Partial AUD only. I wonder if a complete AUD was made but, due to the poor quality, Charlie Miller decided to only put out "the good part".

5/9/70 Worcester - Only the first four acoustic songs are available in degraded SBD.

5/10/70 Atlanta - The Dead's equipment was delayed, so they played with the Allman Brothers' gear - probably no recording was made. [ Hard to Handle ; The Other One ; Mama Tried ; Will the Circle Be Unbroken w/ Allman Brothers ]

5/16/70 Philadelphia - Partial AUD only of the start of the set; shut down by Sam Cutler.

5/17/70 Fairfield - No recording.

5/21/70 San Rafael - No recording. [ Possibly Janis on Lovelight. ]

6/4/70 Fillmore West - (SBD) The start of the electric set is still missing, though I presume it's in the vault since Lemieux has played the acoustic set. [ Casey Jones ; Me And My Uncle ; Hard To Handle ; Saint Stephen ]

6/5/70 Fillmore West - I include this show just to mention that the SBD has many bad cuts, but the AUD is complete.

6/6/70 Fillmore West, acoustic set - Not in circulation. [ Don't Ease Me In ; The Frozen Logger ; Friend Of The Devil ; Candyman ; Deep Elem Blues ; Cumberland Blues ; Wake Up Little Susie ; New Speedway Boogie ]

6/12/70 Oahu - Not in circulation. Lemieux played The Other One on the Taper's Section (6-11-07).

6/13/70 Oahu - The AUD is more complete & better-sounding than the SBD.

6/19/70 Memphis - No recording. [ Casey Jones, China Cat Sunflower, Hard To Handle, Me and My Uncle, Attics of My Life, Candyman, Uncle John's Band, Good Lovin' ]

6/21/70 Berkeley - Partial AUD only.

6/24/70 Port Chester, early & late shows - AUD only.

6/27 - 7/3/70 Canada - Some video & SBD snippets have appeared from this tour, but it's unclear how much more survives.

7/8/70 Edwardsville - No recording.

7/9/70 Fillmore East - Only a couple AUD songs survive. Presumably the whole show was recorded, but the rest was taped over or lost.
[acoustic] Silver Threads And Golden Needle; Cumberland Blues; Dire Wolf; Swing Low Sweet Chariot; [electric] Easy Wind; Casey Jones; Not Fade Away > Good Lovin'; Viola Lee Blues; Morning Dew; Sittin' On Top Of The World; Uncle John's Band ]

7/10-12/70 Fillmore West - AUD only.

7/16/70 San Rafael - The SBD is incomplete; but a second electric set has surfaced. Bear's last 1970 recording. [ Lovelight; Me And My Uncle; Cold Rain And Snow before China Cat Sunflower ]

8/17/70 Fillmore West - Fragment of an AUD (only a couple acoustic songs), which might not be from this date. [ Dancing In The Street ; Mama Tried ; It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World ; Not Fade Away ]

8/18+19/70 Fillmore West - AUD only.

8/28/70 Los Angeles - No recording.

8/29/70 Los Angeles - No recording.

9/17/70 Fillmore East - AUD only. The electric set is incomplete; probably this was preceded by at least a few more electric tunes.

9/18/70 Fillmore East - Complete AUD. The 80 minute SBD in circulation contains Truckin', Black Peter, and Me & My Uncle through the encore.

9/19/70 Fillmore East - Complete AUD. The SBD contains Dark Star through Lovelight.

9/25/70 Pasadena - No recording.
[ Set I: Casey Jones, Me And My Uncle, I'm A King Bee, Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment, High Time; Set II: Dark Star, Cosmic Charlie, Alligator>Drums>Turn On Your Lovelight, Morning Dew; We Bid You Goodnight ]

9/26/70 Salt Lake City - No recording. [ (acoustic) I Know You Rider; Ripple; Candyman; Friend Of The Devil; (electric) Big Boss Man; Uncle John > Casey Jones; Morning Dew ]

10/5/70 Winterland - Possible SBD, not circulating. [ Casey Jones ; Good Lovin' ; Dancing In The Street ; Turn On Your Lovelight ]
Deadlists: "David Lemieux confirms that there is no SBD of this show in the vault." However, Dancing appeared on the 2/4/70 Download Series.

10/10/70 Queens - AUD only.

10/11/70 Wayne - AUD only.

(10/12/70 Wayne - Possible show played; no recording.)

10/16/70 Philadelphia - No recording. [ Morning Dew; Casey Jones; Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away > Lovelight; Good Lovin'; (encore) Uncle John's Band ]

10/17/70 Cleveland - No recording.

10/18/70 Minneapolis, two sets - No recording. [ Casey Jones; Me And My Uncle; Morning Dew; Mama Tried; Cumberland Blues; Good Lovin' ]

10/23/70 Washington DC - AUD only.

11/5-8/70 Port Chester - AUD only.

11/9/70 Island Park - Partial AUD only (six songs).

11/10/70 Island Park - Partial AUD only (two songs).

11/11/70 Brooklyn - AUD only.

11/12/70 Brooklyn - No recording. [ Hard To Handle; Truckin'; New Minglewood Blues; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider; Sugar Magnolia; New Orleans; Cumberland Blues; Brokedown Palace; Not Fade Away ]

11/13/70 Brooklyn - No recording. [ Casey Jones ; Uncle John's Band ; Sugar Magnolia ; Truckin' ; Dark Star > Saint Stephen ; Not Fade Away ]

11/14/70 Brooklyn - No recording.

11/20/70 Rochester - AUD only.

11/21/70 Boston - Partial SBD (20 minutes). [ Casey Jones ; Candyman ; Mama Tried ; Easy Wind ; St. Stephen ; Uncle John's Band ]

11/22/70 Edison - No recording.

11/23/70 Anderson Theater, NYC - No recording; the old show with this date is now considered to be 11/16/70.

11/27/70 Chicago - No recording. [ Jam > Casey Jones ; Truckin' > The Other One ; Turn On Your Lovelight ]

11/29/70 Columbus - AUD only.

12/21/70 San Rafael - The Dead may have played after the "Garcia and Friends" set with Crosby; no known recording.

12/22/70 Sacramento - No known recording, though the Dead had started taping their shows again. [ Till The Morning Comes ; Dire Wolf ; Sugar Magnolia ; Casey Jones ; Truckin' ; Dancing In The Street ; Turn On Your Lovelight ]

12/23/70 Winterland - (SBD) Part of this show has been misdated as 12/17/70; I'm not sure if all of 12/23 is now circulating since it's come out in bits & pieces.

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Poster: Styrofoam Cueball Date: Aug 19, 2009 9:25am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Missing 1970 Shows

Great work as always, LIA! But it's sort of sad too, especially if you're fond of '70 shows... :\

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Poster: wineland Date: Aug 19, 2009 12:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Missing 1970 Shows

Many thanks Ashes. Excellent research. I printed it out to read during lunch.

I came across this the other day and thought of you and your lost shows postings. This was a show that was planned and never occured. St. Helens, OR is a small town on the Columbia River 30 minutes North by NW from Portland. The Dead held a concert there during their 2004 summer tour.

Here's the history behind the cancellation:

And pictures of the poster:

GRATEFUL DEAD - TAJ MAHAL and 14 Northwest acts - 3 days August 21-23, 1969 BULLFROG 2 FESTIVAL near St. Helens, Oregon - First/Only Printing Concert Poster - 14 1/4" x 20 1/2" - Old engraving / illustration of boy with dog, playing pennywhistle in the foreground of an agrarian scene - Old English style lettering above image with ornamental border - Red on textured orange paper in two shades - Two clean 1/4" tears at right margin have been restored from the backside, tack hole at each corner and 3 extra tack holes at top edge, one at bottom center edge, also filled in by restoration though still evident upon close inspection - Several edge areas where tape was moved....easily matted out - A few stains are visible from the backside only - Highly frameable as is! - I've seen two copies in 9+ years of skulking for concert posters in the Portland area - Ultra Mega Rare - Destined to remain one of THE rarest Dead posters - Beautiful B/B+ to B+ Condition - Inquire for Availability & Current Price

Poor scan photo taken in overly bright lighting:

Post Restoration photos of the Bullfrog 2 poster described above:

Full view of the poster:

View of the upper right hand corner of the poster:

View of the upper left hand corner of the poster:

View of the lower right hand corner of the poster:

Close-up of the lower right corner (larger view than above) of the Bullfrog 2 poster:

Close-up of the lower left corner of the Bullfrog 2 poster:

View of the back side of the Bullfrog 2 poster:

Click on the link below to view Oregon newspaper articles etc. which were generated by the Bullfrog 2 planning & concert itself:

This post was modified by wineland on 2009-08-19 19:59:24

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Poster: Cliff Hucker Date: Jan 27, 2010 8:25am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Missing 1970 Shows

"11/23/70 Anderson Theater, NYC - No recording; the old show with this date is now considered to be 11/16/70."

I could be wrong about this but I was under the impression that there may be a poor quality partial sbd for this show. A Good Lovin' w/Jorma incorrectly dated 11/16/70?